Drowning In Deception

Drowning in Deception - Willa Jemhart

**i received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review**


Title: Drowning In Deception

Author: Willa Jemhart

Format: PDF file, 135 pages.

Time to Read: 8 days.


Goodreads Bio: Clover lives in the beautiful, crime free City of Eadin. The Wall runs along the city’s eastern boundary, ensuring that the monsters that live on the other side remain safely tucked away. All of the citizens’ worldly needs are provided for them and they are free to spend their days doing whatever pleases them. All this makes for a content and happy society.

But Clover is about to discover that her world is not the perfect place it seems, that she has been drowning in deception her entire life. The people of Eadin have been lied to, their history has been kept from them, and they have been unknowingly forced into submission.

As Clover’s new knowledge sets in, she learns that even she is not the person she thought she was. In a world where it’s no longer clear which side of the Wall the real monsters live on, Clover, with her new-found sense of self, is determined to set things right



My Review: this was a very good book. i really didn't see a lot of the twist towards the end and they really added to it. i like the plot, the milk issue was crazy! Clover is a great main character, she did have some times where she lost her way but she found it in the end. i loved Rye, he sounds handsome as heck, and so caring! Zander was a bit of a baby and really needed his balls handed back to him but he did have a chance to redeem himself and he did! i really liked this book and really didn't want it to end.



Recommend it?: yes :] it's a good quick read.