Feed by Mira Grant!

Feed - Mira Grant

At A Glance

YA; Horror; Zombies; Dystopian
Love Triangle/Insta Love?: none
Cliff Hanger: nah
Rating: 4 Stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 8
Plot: 8
Characters: 7
World Building: 8
Flow: 8
Series Congruity: n/a
Writing: 7
Ending: 7

Total: 7

In Dept

Best Part:
All the tech!
Worst Part: so much death!
Thoughts Had: Starbucks thrives!


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: yes

Short Review: So usually you read any zombie book and they're stuck back in the 1990's with no internet/phones/ cool tech, but this zombie book said eff that, have way better tech than we do now, but somehow RadioShack is still in business..... I really liked Georgia, she was a straight shooter and was in the news to report the actual news which especially with what is going on in the world as the time i'm writing my review (covid-19), really hits home about how the news can make or break things. SPOILER: i think it's 100% fucked up that Georgia was killed, i really didn't like Shawn too much, he's a typical boy that really does just go poking shit with sticks for fun, so i doubt i'll read book 2 any time soon