Skyward by Brandon Sanderson!

Skyward - Brandon Sanderson

At A Glance

YA; Science Fiction; Dystopian
Love Triangle/Insta Love?: nope.
Cliff Hanger: kind of but not like super annoying.
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 7
Plot: 7
Characters: 6
World Building: 8
Flow: 8
Series Congruity: n/a
Writing: 7
Ending: 5

Total: 6

In Dept

Best Part:
Worst Part: "romance" with Jerkface...
Thoughts Had: Please shut up or own it!


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: yes

Short Review: I love funny AIs or just AIs that are crazy/funny. M-bot was a hoot, he better be in the next book. The main character was okay, she whined a bit too much, and she flipped flopped so much, like act like a bitch and own it or just shut the fuck up, you can't just keep doing/saying dumb/bitchy shit and then taking it back right away or feeling bad about it. SPOILER: I didn't really like the ending, for one, they barely explain the damn defect, and what the fuck are the Krell, like i'm still so confused. and how the fuck did they just switch someone in her dad's brain to fuck shit up. like how does that work!