Review: The Murder Complex!

The Murder Complex - Lindsay Cummings

Basic Info

PDF file

Pages/Length: n/a

Genre: Young Adult; Dystopia

Reason For Reading: Plot


At A Glance

Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?:
Small insta

Cliff Hanger: yes

Triggers: n/a

Rating: 3 stars


Score Sheet
All out of ten


Cover: 7

Plot: 6

Characters: 7

World Building: 4

Flow: 6

Series Congruity: n/a

Writing: 7

Ending: 6


Total: 7


In Dept

Best Part:

Worst Part: Confusing...

Thoughts Had: Of course it's that!



Continuing the Series:

Recommending: Yes


Short Review: The plot was interesting. The tiny twist thou, was annoying! (view spoiler) The Boy MC (i can not spell his name) was boring, i didn't like his POV and skimmed some of his parts, boringgggg. The Girl MC, i loved her, very badass, very strong! I don't really understand a good amount of the world building they did thou, like the things that killed at night? Was that them?! I was so confused there... It does have a very Divergent feel to it thou. Then the ending, how cliche. No.




Book Boyfriend: no

Best Friend Material: Girl MC