Pawn  - Aimee Carter
  Title: Pawn
Series: The Blackcoat Rebellion #1
Author: Aimee Carter
Rating: 4 Stars

My Review:
Another book i went into without knowing what the plot was. I picked it based on other's reviews :]

I loved this book :]

I did have some issues thou, mostly being that there was so much back stabbing going on, people turning on everyone. It was a bit confusing.

I did like the "caste" system they have set up, where you get to take a test to figure out where you best fit in.

The MC Kitty was very annoying at times, in some scenes she was in control and demanding things, then she lost her spine in the next scene. I just wanted to hit her at times.

There is a slight love triangle involved but it's not focused on. Kitty mains just swoons over her true love :] I do hope they make it!

The ending was a bit meh, but i was intrigued to read the next book :]

Overall, a good book, just with a limp main character.