What Up Wednesday!

It's the last Wednesday of the year!!!



What I'm Reading:




I'm about halfway done with Fixing Delilah, i'm really liking it :]

Thanks to Overdrive, i can now read more popular books using my Kindle Clould, so my first book is Dorothy Must Die! I like it so far :]


What I'm Watching:


King of Queens :]

This show cracks me up!


What I'm listening to:


2nd Sucks by A Day to Remember

I've been in a mood for harder music this week, and this song has a very strong message.

(Click on the pic for the Youtube video)




I purchased a car last weekend :]

Everyone i have, i have worked hard for and it's all in my name and i'm making a strong life for myself. All i need to do is keep a positive attitude and no one can knock me down.


"I'm not afraid of anything, I have the whole world in front of me"


How is your week going??