Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Title: Gone Girl
Author: Gillian Flynn
Rating: 4.5 stars

My Review: This is my first book by Gillian Flynn, i keep see her books all over here and tumblr and just about everywhere. Since this one was made into a movie, i decided to tackle this one first.

What I Loved:

I pretty much am Amy. The whole time i was reading her POV, i saw myself. It was crazy and eye opening. She's an amazing person, and a genius. I felt like she did take it to an extreme level but at the same time, i fully think her husband deserved what went down.

I loved the two POVs in the story. It always adds, and in the case, it was perfect!

What I didn't like:

That ending, really?! That wasn't a good ending at all. I felt empty and angry with it!

Some of the characters weren't as believable as others. I'm sorry but if i was Andie, i would out Nick in like 2 secs after he ended it like he did!


This book is very much worth reading. It's crazy and it pulls you in and you pretty much need to finish it right after you start it because it takes you down a road that you badly want to go down! I am looking forward to seeing the movie :]