Weekday Wrap Up & Weekend TBR :]

Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken Strike - D.J. MacHale Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

My week was so bad, there isn't even enough for a post.

I read nothing this week!!!!! *sigh*


I'm working tonight again so less time to read, but i am feeling slightly better and have some energy back :]


For this weekend:


1. Never Fade - I've read maybe 35 pages, i just didn't feel like doing anything this week.


2. Strike - I'm anxious to see how this series ends!


3. Gone Girl - Finally got to check this out, i've read almost 10%, and i really like it so far :]



In reality i'll be happy if i even get any reading done this weekend, i might not even get any books from the library tomorrow.


"This Too Shall Pass"



 How was your week?? Anyone have an awesome thanksgiving??