Cutting Down The TBR!

I have over 1,000 books sitting on my TBR "shelf" on Goodreads!


So i needed to think of a good way to start cutting it down.

Simply not adding more to it is wayyy to hard to do :]

So i was inspired by a fellow blogger (i do so apologized, i really don't remember whose idea this was, and if it was yours, please comment on this and i will give you credit)




I wrote down all the series i know my librarys would have and put them on slips of paper and put them all in this jar :]


74 total slips of paper!




Above are some examples of what's in the jar :]

Sorry the pics are side ways, i still have no idea how to work this windows 8 computer!


The Last Monday of each month i will be picking two slips out of the jar and then i will post on here which two randomly come out first.


I'm going to leave it up to you guys as well as my intagram follows ( and goodreads friends ( to vote which series i should start next!


I then will set a goal of finishing the series within the month after that :]

Unless the series is longer than 4 books, then i will give myself 6 weeks to finish it.


Opinions? Comments? Questions? Anyone else kinda do the same thing to help them?? Or do you have another way to cut your TBR read down??