Let's Talk Books!



Buying Books or Borrowing Books??


(I didn't see a picture for this, but i wanted to discuss it)



I NEVER buy books! i know, crazy right, but there are 2 main reasons why:


Reason #1 - I don't have money to spend on books. Sadly since becoming an active adult in the real world, money hasn't been in abundance. I have plenty for bills and food and all my needs, but when it come down to buying 2 books for $40 or paying my $37 electric bill, books seem to always lose. it's sad but when i will the lottery i don't even play, i will buy libraries!!! :]


Reason #2 - I somehow never read any books i do buy. i went to a used book sale at my local library 2 years ago and purchased 3 books. i never read them!!! i can't ever even image myself reading them. they're interesting enough, but my brain doesn't like knowing there isn't a deadline to finish those books so i never want to read them! so i keep my money and borrow like there is no tomorrow!



What about you guys?? Borrow or buy??