Anathema - K.A. Tucker

Title: Anathema (Causal Enchantment #1)

Author: K.A. Tucker

Format: Kindle Cloud! :]

Time to Read: 10 Days*



Goodread's Bio: Evangeline has spent her teenage years in obscurity. Her foster parents have the emotional aptitude of robots and her classmates barely acknowledge her existence. About to turn eighteen and feeling like a social pariah, she is desperate to connect with someone. Anyone.

When Evangeline meets Sophie after literally stumbling upon her café, she believes she’s found that connection. Willing to do anything to keep it, she accepts a job as Sofie’s assistant and drops everything to fly to Manhattan, where she is thrust into a luxurious world of Prada, diamonds, and limitless cash.

With such generosity and kindness, it’s easy for Evangeline to dismiss certain oddities... like Sofie’s erratic and sometimes violent behavior, and the monstrous guard dogs. She’s even willing to dismiss her vivid dreams of mob-style murders, beautiful homeless people living in caves, and white-eyed demons that haunt her each night as figments of her imagination—especially when one of those figments is the gorgeous Caden. When she wakes up with bite marks on her neck, the fairy tale quickly turns into a nightmare. She slowly unravels the mystery surrounding Sofie and friends, and the reality of the bites and the “dreams.” What she discovers is far more mysterious and terrible than anything she could have imagined.



My Review: This is the first book i've read using the kindle cloud, which i didn't know about til recently. so the 10 days time it took me to read is because i was only reading this on my down time at work (but don't tell my bosses that!) so it takes me a bit to get though books.


i tend to stay away from vampire books, but recent reads (Darkness Before Dawn) have changed my mind on them so i gave this a try. i really like the main character, yah at times she wasn't the smartest one there but she picked up the pieces and got better as the book went on.


The plot is something different, two worlds of vampires, one where they can't turn anyone anymore and one where they have turned everyone and have nothing to feed on. there was a major love story part to this but it wasn't played out so badly that i was turned off to the book. the ending is crazy but sadly the next book cost $3 which i just can't bring myself to spend that on a book so i shall see if the library has them.



Recommend it?: yep, i badly need to figure out what happens next!