The Enemy Series!!

The Enemy - Charlie Higson The Dead - Charlie Higson The Fear - Charlie Higson The Sacrifice - Charlie Higson The Fallen - Charlie Higson The Hunted - Charlie Higson

  I love this series!


I already read the first 4, but i don't really remember what all happned, plus 3!!! more books came out since i read them. Sadly the library hasn't had all of them at once, so i shall work though my big TBR list sitting on my counter, and put holds on all these and then binge read like crazy.



If you haven't already read any of these, you need to do it! they're a bit on the big side. All of them are over 400 pages, but they are well worth the pages!



Edit: Here are the US covers, still good but i like the skull! (I'm not sure what the 5th and 6th would look like yet since i haven't seen them)