California - Edan Lepucki

Gonna be my first Did Not Finish for my blog.


I gave up after only 9%


Badly written in my opinion, and it seemed like it was written by a 15yr old horny teenager.


Seriously, most of that 9% was them talking about having lots of sex outside.



Quotes from book:


"With two fingers she flicked his dick lightly"


"No one can hear me f***ing your brains out."


"Right then she tried to catch her husband's eyes, maybe shimmy her shoulders, and bite her lower lip. Remind him how nice the line of her hips was"


" breast, all nipple, peeped out from the bib, it's tip long and knobby."


Also mention having sex outside lots and others like the above.


So nope, i wasn't gonna mess with this book anymore.