Conversion - Katherine Howe

Title: Conversion

Author: Katherine Howe

Format: Hardback, 406 pages

Time to Read: 14 days....



Goodread's Bio: It’s senior year at St. Joan’s Academy, and school is a pressure cooker. College applications, the battle for valedictorian, deciphering boys’ texts: Through it all, Colleen Rowley and her friends are expected to keep it together. Until they can’t.
First it’s the school’s queen bee, Clara Rutherford, who suddenly falls into uncontrollable tics in the middle of class. Her mystery illness quickly spreads to her closest clique of friends, then more students and symptoms follow: seizures, hair loss, violent coughing fits. St. Joan’s buzzes with rumor; rumor blossoms into full-blown panic.
Soon the media descends on Danvers, Massachusetts, as everyone scrambles to find something, or someone, to blame. Pollution? Stress? Or are the girls faking? Only Colleen—who’s been reading The Crucible for extra credit—comes to realize what nobody else has: Danvers was once Salem Village, where another group of girls suffered from a similarly bizarre epidemic three centuries ago . .



My Review: I didn't really even finish this book, there was 40 pages left and i just gave up. i never really got into it, but i was determined to get a good way though it, which proved to be pointless. nothing happened! it dragged on the whole time it seemed. i liked the story from 1706, it was more interesting then the 2012 part. this is the worst rating i've given out since i started this blog and it saddens me but it had to be done.



Recommend it?: For the first time... nope. i shall not tell others to drag though this, unless they really like non climactic books about silly high school girls