Skyla (A Ghost Virus Novel) - A.E. Field

**I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review**

Title: Skyla
Author: A.E. Field
Format: PDF file, 277 pages
Time to Read: 8 days!


Goodreads Bio: The world as we know it doesn’t exist anymore. Humanity has retreated to the skies after being almost obliterated by the deadly Ghost Virus. Man-made islands floating in the troposphere house those that survived. The System, a new form of government, now controls and regulates everyone’s lives in an effort to preserve the human race.

Skyla Deep is not your average orphan in this sky born world; abused, neglected and in need of something the System doesn’t offer…freedom. Desperate to live instead of merely exist, Skyla runs away. She aligns herself with one of the notorious sects who control the outer edges of the islands. There’s just one problem. On an island this small you can only run from the System for so long.


My reveiw:Ghost virus taking out everyone down on earth making us act quickly and created "islands" up in the sky to live on! I love the idea behind this book, so good and well thought out. the details were very good, i had an easy time picturing what it all looked like. i loved the main character Skyla, i related to her right away. i loved how the story went, it flowed at a good pace. and holy crap, that ending!!!!! seriously, cliff hanger for reals!!!! :] overall a pretty good book!

Recommend it?: Yes :] another good take on what we could do if life on earth wasn't working too well!