Numbers #3: Infinity - Rachel Ward

Title: Infinity (Numbers #3)

Author: Rachel Ward

Format: Hardback, 249 pages

Time to Read: 8 days.


Goodreads Bio: Adam, Sarah and little Mia are living together, struggling with the fame of seeing “numbers” – the dates when people will die.

But something is about to tear them apart. During The Chaos, Mia swapped her number for another. Mia’s powerful new ability is highly desirable. Ruthless people are hunting her down. Everyone wants to live for ever ...




My Review:  Oh my word!!! this final book had so much thrown into just 249 pages! but it didn't feel too rushed or like it was too much so i loved it. It was still told from Adam's and Sarah's POV and it was amazing how different their lives went during this last book. the last 75 pages really made the book! i was so hooked to this and i just loved every bit of it. Adam grew so much in the final few pages. Sarah really took her role as Mia's and the baby's mom to new heights in this book and i was rooting for her the whole time! just so good.


Recommend it?: Of freaking course i do. such a good ending to a good series!