Weekend Fail...

Numbers #3: Infinity - Rachel Ward Bang - Lisa McMann Requiem - Lauren Oliver

I have failed you guys greatly!!!


I so badly wanted to finish Infinity, and Bang, and Requiem while i was away this weekend, i said i was hoping to finish all 3 but i could only finish Infinity.


There was 2 main reasons i didn't get them done.


#1 I didn't have enough internet to get Requiem to load on my phone, i was in a little town, like so little the nearest walmart is 12miles away and it's not even a 24hrs walmart, and there's not even a mcdonalds there!!!! i have enough internet to load webpages but not enough to get any images, so that sucked.


#2 i was sooooo sick this weekend, i was on some really hardcore meds to try to get my hip joints to stop hurting me like crazy, and the side effects of the meds were so bad. all i wanted to do was lay down and cry all weekend long. i stopped taking the meds saturday afternoon and the withdraw was just as bad. but i feel 95% better now.



I binge read Infinity before work today just so i had something to show for this crappy weekend!!!