Water's Edge

Water's Edge - Rachel Meehan

*I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest reveiw*

Title: Water's Edge (Troubled Times #1)
Author: Rachel Meehan
Format: pdf file, 198 pages
Time to Read: 7 days


Goodreads Bio: With their own water and power supplies, fourteen year old Nairne and her family are well prepared, but most people are less fortunate. When Nairne persuades her father, Daniel, to house some of the evacuees on their small holding in the south of Scotland she plunges the family into a world of violence, deception and murder.

My review: wow, just wow. first i love reading any book placed anywhere over the Pond :] i love who things are spelled the way they would over there. There were some grammar errors thou, not major ones, just some missing punctuations. Overall i loved this book, there was always something happening. Story flowed well and some events i did see coming but the reactions from the characters still made me feel something in the moment, so that's good :]

Recommend it?: yes :] it's a good book to read if you love seeing how others places deal with the end of the world issues.