The Moon Dwellers

The Moon Dwellers - David Estes

*i received a copy for frree in exchange for a honest review*

I love end of the world books, and this one was one of the good ones :]

I loved the characters. The writing was very good, I felt what they felt while they felt it and i love that!

2 POV is always a plus for me, i love getting to see both sides to the same story. I really loved how he would go back when he switched characters and let you see how they went though the same issue as the other. I feel like it really makes a book so much better when you can live though things with more than one character.

I really like the fact that they were living underground,i haven't yet read a book with them living underground. The details given really helped me pictured the tunnels and layout, part of me wishes to live underground now :]

Overall this book kept me interested throughout and I just kept wanting to read more :]