A Forgotten Jem

Fever - Lauren DeStefano

Okay so I read Wither for a challenge on goodreads in the beginning ofJune, lucky for me they had all 3 of the series. I read though the first book in about 12hrs so I really wanted to get though the series. Sadly life had other plans, so I had to take all my books back to the library before I left for my 3 week trip. Well on the way to the library, I stated reading this and got about half way though, so when I had free time in Washington, I hit up their library and read about 100 more pages and then finally after I got home I read the few remaining pages I had :)


I loved this one just as much as the first! Full of adventure and heart break! Storyline went at a good pace and played out well. I now am reading the third and im hoping for a happy ending :)