Review: Little Women!

Little Women - Deanna McFadden, Lucy Corvino, Louisa May Alcott

Basic Info


Pages/Length: n/a

Genre: Young Adult; Historical Fiction

Reason For Reading: #3 on YA Top 100


At A Glance

Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?:

Cliff Hanger: No

Triggers: n/a

Rating: 2.5 stars


Score Sheet
All out of ten


Cover: 6

Plot: 4

Characters: 5

World Building: 5

Flow: 5

Series Congruity: n/a

Writing: 5

Ending: 5


Total: 5


In Dept

Best Part:

Worst Part: Talking, talking, talking.

Thoughts Had: DO SOMETHING!



Continuing the Series:

Recommending: eh


Short Review: I'm sorry, maybe i'm a bitter girl who is mad i can never keep girlfriends, but damn, girls are horrible. They just sit around and talk, and talk, and talk. I was bored out of my mind. Their father is sick, so their mother, who i guess is the only reason they can get along, leaves to go be with him, which is like the last time you'll hear about it, and that's the end of a "plot" for me. They just talk. The one girl goes someone and a few chapters is just her letters she sent home! Ugh. I was so bored. I couldn't connect to any of them. Boring.




Book Boyfriend: Idk.

Best Friend Material: None.