Review: The Maze Runner!

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

The Maze Runner

Basic Info


Pages/Length: n/a

Genre: Young Adult; Dystopia

Reason For Reading: #15 on Top 100 YA


At A Glance

Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?:

Cliff Hanger: eh

Triggers: n/a

Rating: 3 Stars


Score Sheet
All out of ten


Cover: 8

Plot: 7

Characters: 6

World Building: 6

Flow: 7

Series Congruity: n/a

Writing: 7

Ending: 5


Total: 6


In Dept

Best Part:
Different kind of story.

Worst Part: Dumb ending, i think.

Thoughts Had: REALLY?! No.



Continuing the Series:

Recommending: Eh


Short Review: It really bothers me that the MC has been there like a week and solves the dang maze. If i was the other kids, i would kill the MC in the end. I would be so mad. Like really, people died trying to figure this out and you walk in here and bam, figured out. Ugh. Sorry but i would cut him down quick after we got out of there. All the made up slang bothered me, only because they never really explain it. And the context clues didn't really help sometimes. I assume they are in place of cuss words, but idk for sure. That ending thou, okay if i was these kids, i would be PISSED. you guys killed kids for a freaking TEST!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS.




Book Boyfriend: N/A

Best Friend Material: No.