Embrace Change.

Time for a personal life update :/



Some things have gone badly.

The rocky road my on again/off again relationship of 3yrs as come to a permanent end.

Sometimes you have to hurt yourself in the short run to keep someone from hurting you in the long run.


So with the sad part over with, here's some great news!



Finally after applying and failing tons of interviews, i finally succeeded.

The only catch is it's really only a "seasonal" role to see if it's worth the extra cost of having the extra crew in at night, but it could become permanent and either way, it's a great boost to my resume and to my confidence.


I am trying to get my life on a schedule to make sure i am using my time better and getting to do things i need/want to do when i need/want to do them. So I spent a good amount of money on a Life Planner!




I already feel better just filling it out, so here's to sticking to it!


I also am getting back in couponing, it really cheers me up and keeps me busy and my mind needs busy.


I am also going to start making sure i do some Spanish learning from my Duolingo app twice a week, i am slipping there. I am around 40% fluent according to it, i want to increase to 50% by the end of August.


Also starting a new fitness program as well. Idealshape 6wk challenge. I have been drinking protein shakes before work since i walk so much there so i need to step up my exercise! It's a free program, just work out to YouTube videos 6day a week for about 20mins a day. Not bad.



A lot going on. Keeping the blues away and making sure i am productive :D




I am going to start doing Thursday Throw Down again, i promise to go through with it for sure this time, and to prove that, there will be randomly drawn comments/posts who will win a $10 GC to either Amazon or Book Deposity. :D More to come later this week!