Review: The Wrath and The Dawn!

The Wrath and the Dawn - Renee Ahdieh

Basic Info

Pages/Length: 395pgs
Genre: Young Adult; Fantasy

At A Glance

Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?:
Cliff Hanger: Slight.
Triggers: Suicide
Rating: 4 Stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 8
Plot: 8
Characters: 9
World Building: 8
Flow: 8
Series Congruity: n/a
Writing: 8
Ending: 8

Total: 8

In Dept

Best Part:
MC is awesome!
Worst Part: I have no major complaints
Thoughts Had: Go Girl!; eh i'll take it.


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: Yes

Short Review: Did this live up the hype, eh, it was alright, i've read better, but i enjoyed reading it. The MC is bae for sure. I wish i could be her. The reason behind the killings, yah i don't spoil, is interesting, and heartbreaking. I do wonder where book 2 will take us now that ending, again no spoils, left us wondering. Also, their names are crazyy hard and i remember none.


Book Boyfriend: The King (As long as he doesn't kill me)
Best Friend Material: The MC

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