Review: You Know You Love Me! (Gossip Girl #2)

You Know You Love Me - Cecily von Ziegesar

At A Glance

Young Adult; Chick Lit
Love Triangle/Insta Love?: Triangle.
Cliff Hanger: nope.
Rating: 4 Stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 8
Plot: 8
Characters: 8
World Building: 8
Flow: 9
Series Congruity: 9
Writing: 8
Ending: 8

Total: 8

In Dept

Best Part:
Gossip Girl world is so good!
Worst Part: Jenny is so desperate.
Thoughts Had: Nate, keep it in your pants; Jenny chillax!


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: yes

Short Review: Nate needs to learn to keep it in his pants! Jenny is freaking out, she's 14 and is hanging out with all these seniors and trying to hard to get laid by them or something. WTF. Blair and Aaron, her new step bro, are flirting it up like crazy, grossssssss. I hope he finds someone else soon, or Blair needs to flip flop back to Nate real quick.

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