Personal Update :D

While some parts of my life is sinking like crazyyyy.

I.e. my love life and reading time.


Work seems to be going amazing!


I applied to work a season position that is higher than where i am now. I have the worst interview skills but i keep applying to and going through the process trying to perfect them.


So i went into the interview knowing i needed to make sure i used eye contact the whole time, and not move a muscle.


I think i nailed it :D


They give us feedback shortly afterwards, but while i was waiting for that news, a HR rep came in telling me they want to send me to do more training!


So i get to go to Scranton, PA at the end of this month to help open another warehouse there!!!! I'm pumped.


And then, when they gave me my feedback, they offered me the job!!!!!


So in the matter of like 15mins, i got a new training assignment and a new seasonal higher up job :D


Hopefully this all leads to some more awesome shiz as soon as our "peak" is over!