My Rating Scale :D

Since we're all sharing :D


5 STARS!!!!!


I loved this book. I had no issues with it. I would recommend it to everyone. I most likely read it in one sitting. I never once rolled my eyes.



4 STARS!!!!


This book was great, but i had some issues. I put it down a few times. I probably rolled my eyes at least once.


3 STARS!!!


This book lacked something major. The story was alright but i couldn't see past whatever issue i had. Usually had a horribly written female MC or was more love triangle than actual plot. My eyes were rolling more than i would like.




Well, i got through the book, but i was struggling. I hated most of the book, but feel like others might like it. I hate the MC. Or i hated the insta love and the love triangle.





HATED MOST OF IT! Skimmed like a crazy women just to see what happens.

The MC was shit. The writing was shit. The plot was either shit or wasn't even there.




I usually never DNF, so if i do. This book was so bad, i couldn't

 even skim the fucker.



I also never re-read. The only books i've re-read are ones where i read part of the series and at least a year as gone by and i'm picking the series back up. And i always go with a different format when re-reading.