The Walled City

The Walled City - Ryan Graudin

Title: The Walled City
Author: Ryan Graudin
Rating: 4 Stars.

Okay, this book was hard to rate. I really liked the 3 separate stories.

Dai's story was confusing at first, i wasn't sure where he was gonna go towards the end. Then his past is revealed and it wasn't what i thought the author was trying to hint at during the earlier parts of the book. Overall, he was a good character :]

Jin's story was very good. Under cover as a boy to prevent being taken into a brothel, she is on a quest to find her sister who was sold by their father to a brothel! She has it really rough during the last part of the book, she's a very strong person.

Mei Yee is in a brothel, but because of a certain person that pays for her "vists" she only has to deal with that one man. I'm not sure i could do that but she seems to live the life she can.

I struggled for a bit in the middle of this book, but then some serious action started to go down and i finished it quickly.

The only issue i really had was that i was very confused on what time period this was supposed to be. They have cars but the brothel seem to only have lanterns.

Overall, a good book that opens up the world of the real Walled City.