Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown

Title: Red Rising
Series: Red Rising Trilogy #1
Author: Pierce Brown
Rating: 3 Stars.



My Thoughts in 1 GIF:

Okay, i seem to be the only one who didn't love this book.

Main reason i didn't like this, there wasn't anything really going on at all for 75% of the book!!

The first 25%, Darrow was all into taking down the Golds and doing whatever it took. There was plans made. Lots of talking happened. They showed Darrow things to make him angry, and he became angry. So therefore i was expecting some serious shit to do down. I was hyped up for it! So when i get to the 50% mark and nothing has happened, i struggle on, then 75%, still waiting, at this point i start skimming like crazy because NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!!

I didn't quite understand how this whole "School" thing worked. It was the Hunger Games meets Survivor and it was just bad. Brown didn't even explain who the school thing worked, they just ended up there. (Unless i missed something, i don't remember him explaining anything)


I pictured this the whole time they were at "school"

They were split into teams, which i still don't see how they figured out the teams. did they just wake up around the same area in the "arena" and that was the team?!

Then there was some kind of probe thingy that made them into slaves or some shit. Again, it wasn't really explained, i have no idea what the darn thing looks like, but it appeared very randomly and people buried it and i don't know.

I thought the whole point to Darrow being there was to make friends, but as far as i could tell, he spent more time running after some girl on the other team then he did making friends. Then he started to turn into a crazy power driven person and was gonna kill someone, then didn't, which makes zero sense since on like the first day of "School" he killed some random kid and was alright with it then!

The only thing that even went with the story line, happened in the last like 75 pages. But that was rushed and not very climatic.

Seriously, i saw nothing wrong with living inside Mars versus whatever the hell was on the surface of Mars. If i was Darrow, i would've just stayed down there.

Overall, this book wasn't at all what i expected and i was bored during most of the book. To me, almost nothing was explained to Darrow or the reader. Darrow just went with it and I just skimmed through a lot. I was expecting so much more and so much different than what this became. Not impressed.


I have an ARC of Golden Son, i was going to read it as soon as i was done with Red Rising, but now, i don't even know if it'll get to it.