Weekend Wrap Up & Weekday TBR!!

Happy Monday :]


I got a lot done in the non-book world this weekend, I somehow got some crazy amounts of energy and I had to use it for good :]


I was too busy to remember to wrap up last week.

So i finished 3 books during the week




I finished Round 1 of CDTBR, and read Talon in 3hrs!


This weekend I finished 2 books!!




I hope to get 2 books done this week!



If i keep up at this pace, i will be at 150 books by October :]


I'm 100 pages into this, and I'm about ready to throw in the towel. I've decided to give it 50 more pages, then if i'm still not liking it, DNF.



I also fixed my tablet, so i can read all the ARCs i had sent to it :]


Remember voting for Round 2 of Cutting Down the TBR is still going on!


There is a poll located on the main page of my blog.


Or there is a poll on Goodreads