Challenge Updates :]

Since we're now halfway through January, i'll update how i'm doing on several challenges :]




Yearly Challenge #1:

150 books read in 2015


I am at 9 book read so far, so 6%.

3 ahead of schedule :]


Yearly Challenge #2:

Read all 50 items on the Popsugar challenge


I have 5 done already :]



Yearly Challenge #3:

Read 50 books I Received as ARCs


I've read 1 so far!






Jan. Challenge #1:

This is a spill over from a December Challenge.


We are in Week 9 of the Challenge.

In spot 71 out of 100 on the game board.

As a team, we are in 6th place out of 15 :]



Jan. Challenge #2:

Earning points based on page numbers.


As a team, we are at 600pts.

As of last Saturday (they only update weekly) we were in 3rd place out of 7 :]




I think that is all the challenges i'm doing as of now :]




Are you doing any challenges?? How are you doing with them??