The Top 3 of 2014 :]

2014 has been a roller coaster for me.

I'm hoping 2015 turns out better :]


Here's my Top 3 of random things in 2014 :]






Once Upon A Time

Hello Captain Hook ;)


I binged watched the first 2 seasons on netflix and then watched season 3 as it aired on channel 4!

I'm for sure hooked! :]



Parks And Recreation

April is my spirt animal!

Her and Andy are just awesome-sauce.

I love this show and i am not dealing with having to wait on it to come back on!!!




I kept seeing this on my netflix feed and i finally watched it.

i regret that now because i want to watch all the episodes, i work the night it's on thou and have no DVR so i'm trying to ration it so i don't get too caught up!






Taylor Swift's 1989 CD

Just buy this and hit repeat all, you're welcome!



The Classic Crime's Albatross CD

This is an old CD, came out in 2006, but again, buy it, repeat-all, you're welcome!



Stay by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko

This song is so beautiful and no matter what song i wanted to listen to on Youtube, i always play this right afterwards. 







The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This makes me sad, i didn't get to see this in theaters. Long story behind that. So i had to wait til this came out on DVD, and i've probably watched it easily 10 times since i got it. It's so good and so powerful!

I have yet to see the Mocking Jay pt 1 :[ i'm thinking this sunday i might just go by myself and see it




I will admit, i love this more than my 4yr old does. I borrow it from the library often and he hates watching it! I also watched in on both airplane trips i took this year, and the people in the seat next to me, gave me some looks! oh well. If you haven't seen it, do it! :]



Silver Linings Playbook

I just watched this because of JLaw, but then i just loved it, so now i watch it maybe once a month. It's an uplifting movie and it cheers me up :]


I'm bad with movies, hence why none of these came out this year. For one, movie tickets in my area are $13.50 a ticket! That's crazy! For two, anything over 1hr30mins, i can't sit still enough for that, i have some issues with my joints and it hurts badly. So i haven't even been to a theater this year! :/


I can't think of anything else to do top 3 of!


Do you like any of my top 3s??