2015 Goals

I talked about my Reading Goals for 2015 here!



But now it's time to talk more personal life goals for the year!

(in no order!)


1. Do 30mins of Spanish exercises 3 days a week :]

I took 3yrs of Spanish in high school, i graduated early so i couldn't do a 4th yr, i loved every minute of it and when i work in fast food, i spoke to the cooks in Spanish only! But now i work in a warehouse and only 1 person speaks Spanish. So since i'm not in school at the moment, but still wish to learn it, i plan to do 30mins of Duolingo lessons 3 days a week :]


2. Exercise 3 times a week :]

I'm not fat, i feel fat a lot of times, but honestly i'm better off than some, but i feel bad about myself a lot and whenever i work out, i just feel better. I usually fail this goal every year, but if i can just do it enough to form the habit of wanting to, i should be fine.


3. Do more actives with my son :]

During the first 2yrs of my son's life, i lived paycheck to paycheck, so we could go to the playground and that when i had extra gas in the car to use. But now i'm much better off, and i want to do more with him :]


4. Be more positive!

I've been struggling with depression for years. I have the hardest time seeing the positive side to things, it's ruined every relation/friendship i've ever had and i've gotten too alone to be okay with it anymore. So more positive thoughts!


5. Be more organized and less lazy :]

Let's be honest, i only vacuum once a month, and i leave clean clothes on my bed way toooooo long. I'm not crazy lazy, but i do let things go for a minute. I want to be more organized and keep up with things. A tidy home leads to a tidy mind :]



That's really all i got. I just want a better life, and it's not gonna fall into my lap and i've been in that mindset too long. So here's to a better year and a better me :]



Do you set goals for the coming year or resolutions?? Do you keep them??