Shadowlands - Kate Brian

Title: Shadowlands
Series: Shadowlands #1
Author: Kate Brian
Rating: 4 stars


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My Review: I was very surprised to find this series at my library, my small little town doesn't have much of anything that isn't popular so i was very giddy when i found all three sitting on the shelf! :]

First, i of freaking course love the cover! So pretty!

Second, 2 POVs? Yes please :]

Third, that ending?!

This book was so good. It's well written, and the plot was something i haven't read before. For some reason i'm on a kinda mystery kick right know so i was happy to try to figure out what was so off about this little island they were living on!!

The ending really threw me, i really didn't see it coming at all, i thought something else completely different for sures!

There was some romance thrown in and the way some people acted rubbed me the wrong way.

Overall, a great book!