What Up Wednesday!

Okay time to get a little personal.

For the past few weeks, me and the boyfriend have been having issues.

Mainly, i felt like we weren't moving forwards at all.

We've been together almost 2yrs now, and he has been seeing me less than he had been so i was upset, because he couldn't even tell me if he ever wanted to live with me. (He currently lives with his gma, and she does everything for him, cooks, cleans, everything) So i knew he would never leave anyhow.


Long story short, i knew i wasn't okay with just being in his life instead of part of his life.

So we broke up today.

And i'm working 55hr weeks back to back to back so reading hasn't been at the top of my list.


I've read maybe 50 pages of Never Fade. :[


I'm in need of some hugs!