Prince of Wolves

Prince of Wolves - Quinn Loftis

Title: Prince of Wolves

Series: The Grey Wolves #1

Author: Quinn Loftis

Format: Kindle Cloud Reader

Rating: .75 stars

Recommend to?: NO ONE!!!!


Goodread's Bio: Jacque Pierce was just an ordinary 17-year-old girl getting ready to start her senior year in high school in Coldspring, Texas. When a mysterious foreign exchange student from Romania moves in across the street, Jacque and her two best friends, Sally and Jen, don't realize the last two weeks of their summer are going to get a lot more interesting.

From the moment Jacque sets eyes on Fane she feels an instant connection, a pull like a moth to a flame. Little does she know that the flame she is drawn to is actually a Canis lupis, werewolf, and she just happens to be his mate; the other half of his soul.


My Review: I'll try to be as nice as i can about this book, but seeing as how i feel the need to jump ahead in my review backlog to do this book should scream red flags


RED FLAG #1: It comes off as written by maybe a 14yr old girl who says ya and ya'll a lot!!!

RED FLAG #2: Main character starts hearing voices and isn't even concerned!


RED FLAG #3: Main character then tells 2 best friends about voice, still no one is concerned!!!

RED FLAG #4: Foreign exchange student moves in across street and main character then realizes it's him talking to her in her mind and talks back, STILL NO ONE SEEMS CONCERNED!!!


RED FLAG #5: Foreign exchange student tells main character he's a werewolf and she's his mate, NO CONCERN, JUST ACCEPTANCE!!


RED FLAG #6: Foreign exchange student tells host family he's a werewolf, JUST ACCEPTANCE!!!!!


WTH!!!! and that's all in the first like half of the book. There's only one main event in this book and that's all they talked about for 30% of the book. Then said even happens near the 90% mark, it's not very eventful at all. Then they live happily ever after.


I really can't see how this series can be 8 books, nor do i understand how most of the books rating are over 4 stars! i just don't understand.


Overall, unless you're a 12 yr old Texas girl who wants to read someone else's diary, stay away!