Sorry :/

I may have overwhelmed myself this month.


I'm now doing 4 challenges this month on Goodreads!

Luckily most of my books i'm reading works for all of them so i'm not overloaded with a million books.


I am 5 reviews behind on here and goodread's, i'm behind on updating my progress on 2 of my challenges.


I totally forgot my gma asked me to sew some bags for her for xmas, so i have to make a nice little schedule for now til xmas so i can get as much done as i can!


So bare with me, i'll make sure i get my usually weekly post done (Tuesday book release, What Up Wednesday...) but full reviews may take a bit to get posted :]


Thank You :]

Also i'm up to 144 followers!!!! AMAZING!! i'm hoping to be at 150 by December 1st :]