Brew (Salem's Revenge Book 1) - David Estes

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Title: Brew
Series: Salem's Revenge #1
Author: David Estes
Format: PDF file, 454 pages
Rating: 4.75 stars
Time to Read: 2 days
Recommend it to?: Anyone who likes reading about bad witches getting their butts kicked!

My Review: OH MY GOODNESS!!!

I couldn't put this down at all, i put off work for this book! i just kept turning the page!

Plot:We humans fear things we can't explain, and instead of embracing, we destroy. Salem's Return, humans killing "witches" without any proper evidence. Well the real witches in the world didn't like that too much, so they fight back. Salem's Revenge, all the different witches and warlocks gang up to destroy humans. They do a pretty good job of whipping out a good majority of us in a single day. Rhett Carter's family is killed and he becomes a witch hunter.

Main Characters:

Rhett: The whole story is told from Rhett POV. He's a book blogger :] so that scores some points with me! He's also a jock, football player! He's a bit of a coward in the beginning but the world makes hard.

Laney: She's amazing. She doesn't take shiz from anyone and says whatever the heck she wants! All she cares about is her sisters safety and maybe Rhett towards the end :] she's my witch killing side kick :]

Overall: This is a must read and everyone needs to read this!! it's filled with action and love :]