November Goodread's Challenges!

I'm still in 4th place in my Goodreads October Challenge! I think that's where i'm gonna be stuck til the end!


I have already choose which challenges i'll be doing in November.


Maybe you guys can join me if you're in these groups or we can keep track on here somehow :]



Group: YA Buddy Readers' Corner

Challenge Name: Series Read-Along Challenge 2014

Length: 2 months November 1st to December 31st


How to Win: It's all about finishing up series before the year is up! 1st book in series is worth 1 point, 2nd book 2 points, and so on. You get double points if you buddy read.

What Are My Odds: Meh, i never buddy read, so i bet i'll finish near the bottom. but i'm not doing these to win, i'm doing them to branch out and challenge myself :]



Group: SOS: Serious Overload of Series

Challenge Name: Speed Bingo Round 10

Length: TBD


How to Win: um. i've never done their speed bingo, i kinda get it but i'll wait til a few have posted to make sure i'm doing it right. but it's in teams :] so that's a first for me

What Are My Odds: haha. again, i ain't in this to win!



Anyone doing any challenges on Goodreads next month?? :]

I promise to update about my standings more this month